Women: Why do compulsive eating?

Why women it is only you who have a habit of binging every hour in 24 hours and not men? Have you ever wondered this? Some eating habits are psychological that work wonders when you get impulsive. Like they have the term impulsive shopping, likewise, compulsive eating is the term used for women who like to binge every hour. If the road to definition of the term is taken then compulsive eating can be defined as an uncontrollable urge to eat thereby leading to weight gain. Food this way blocks your emotions. Eaters who feel out of control with respect to eating recognize their problem and know that they have irregular and emotional habits.

The aforesaid disorder begins in childhood itself. Women often do not know how to deal with stressful situations and uses food for coping with stress. The thought behind overeating is that overeating will make them fat and unattractive and will thereby distance them from other human counterparts.

weight-reduction-diet-chart1More weight means more dieting and more dieting means more binging on unhealthy foods. This activity of binging can remain forever if emotional binging is not dealt promptly through adoption of weight loss tips for women.

In society, compulsive overeating is not taken seriously. The patients suffering are directed to diet centers but the real cause is not treated by doctors.

Overeating and that too compulsive is a serious problem that can result into death. Through therapy, medicine and nutritional counselling the disorder can be treated properly. The symptoms of compulsive overeating are binge eating, depression, self-deprecating thoughts along with undergoing different diets, professional and social failures.

You might also never know when certain medical complications arise due to such eating disorder like weight gain, heart ailments, fatigue, diabetes, arthritis, varicose veins, embolism, sleep deprivation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cardiac arrest and breath shortness.

Seeing the above problems it is vital for you to know many weight loss techniques that will break the cycle of eating heavily due to emotional problems.


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