Get Ready for Your Wedding with these Simple Weight Loss Tips

Are you one of those who are gearing up for your wedding? If yes then you surely wish to get into shape before that and gain a quick understanding of weight loss tips for women. For this you obviously will require a weight loss program which allows you to lose fat real quick may be in a week’s time.  If this is a case with you then you will require some quick fixes like few mentioned below.

The first step is to begin drinking loads of water each day. Energy drinks, beers, smoothies and sport drinks serve 100 calories each which is surely not a good way to reduce. Yet these beverages won’t satisfy you too. Other drinks might retain massive amounts of water in your body and have high sodium and carbohydrate content in them. On the other side water intake is beneficial because it has around zero calories and almost nil sodium in it. Water is a perfect drink to make one slim and trim. It also helps in flushing out excess water weight and aids in metabolism. One may even add a tinge of lemon or mint leaves to get great effect from it.
The next step is to chuck out white breads and pastas from your diet. Eatables like spaghetti and sandwich rolls are to be avoided. Such foods help in bloating especially around the belly. Carbs make you overeat since they are digested too quickly thereby making you feel hungry later on. This fact has been notified by Jana Klauer who is the eminent author of The Park Avenue Nutritionist’s Plan. Before you replace them with whole-grain food items, you need to substitute the same with vegetables for a week. Avoid chicken sandwiches and wafers. Substitute them with carrots and chicken salad instead. Eating vegetables makes you full for long and also help in flushing out excess water weight.

The next step is to perform cardio. Any exercise that pushes your heart rate up helps you in burning a lot of calories. If a cardio routine is used then one reduces more number of calories since the workout uses more muscles. Other workouts to be taken up include boot-camp, cardio kickboxing and spinning. They tone up legs and arms effectively making one feel tighter and sleeker. Interval training is another good option that burns excess calories.

One can even try coffee before going for a workout. Black or with skimmed milk, coffee boosts your performance during the exercise regime and you will ultimately lose out more number of calories.

Above are only a few steps when undertaken religiously shall reap benefits that you have not even thought before in case you are still wondering about whats the fast way to lose weight.


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