Ever Heard of Thermogenic Foods?

Are you trying hard to lose weight real fast? If yes then it is time for you to increase your fat burning mechanism in the body. The guidelines below can be taken as weight loss tips for women. The process of heat production in the body is referred to as thermogenesis. This procedure speeds up the metabolic process of the body and helps burn more calories. The easiest way to do the same is to raise the body’s temperature by exercising or through diet. There are some foods whose metabolism is higher than others because of which they aid in burning more calories. The varied foods include proteins, coconut oil, green tea and spices. One can burn approximately 40 to 100 calories a day through such foods.

It should also be noted that proteins have a greater thermic effect compared to fats and carbs. The foods with proteins have a satiating effect which enables the hunger to be curbed for long.

There are spices like chilli and black pepper which are quite effective. A research found that 10 grams of chilli in a single meal raises the temperature of the body when one eats the meal. There is an active compound capsaicin that boosts metabolism, oxidation of fats and above all reduces appetite. Black pepper consists of a chemical that boosts the metabolism. The name of the chemical is piperine. The said chemical also surges the absorption of health-promoting nutrients.

Another research suggested that caffeine and catechin antioxidants present in green tea work simultaneously to break down fat cells.

When an experiment relating to thermogenesis in rats was performed then it was found that the rate of thermogenesis was increased by 77 per cent when green tea was taken as a supplement. Hence, it was found out to get maximum benefits a cup of green tea should be taken every two hours in a day.

Coconut oil too stimulates the metabolism to 5 per cent according to an American Journal of Clinical Nutrition research. Medium-chain fatty acids present in oils gets converted to energy easily compared to long-chain fatty acids that are present in 98 percent of animal and plant fats. One can replace the regular cooking oil with coconut oil. Since it is high in calories you need to use it frugally.

There are quite many thermogenic supplements but one need to alter the diet in a healthy way so that fat burning can be executed. One should exercise regularly and reduce the intake of processed foods. One can also add thermogenic foods to his or her diet to lose fat real quick.


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